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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC289322004Providing Cross-Lingual Information Acess with Knowledge-Poor MethodsSTEINBERGER Ralf; POULIQUEN Bruno; IGNAT Camelia
JRC260002004Can Inflation Data Improve the Real-Time Reliability of Output Gap Estimates?PLANAS Christophe; ROSSI Alessandro
JRC270562004Measurements of 60Co in Spoons Activated by Neutrons during the JCO Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura in 1999.GASPARRO Joel; HULT Mikael; KOMURA Kazuhisa; ARNOLD D.; HOLMES Leigh; JOHNSTON P.n.; LAUBENSTEIN Matthias; NEUMAIER Stefan; REYSS Jean louis; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter josee; TAGZIRIA Hamid; VAN BRITSOM Gert; VASSELLI Roberto
JRC257492004Correcting Sensitivity Drift during Long Term Multi-Element Signal Measurements by Solid Sampling-ETV-ICP-MS.MARTIN-ESTEBAN A.; SLOWIKOWSKI Boleslaw; GROBECKER K.h.
JRC254612004Validation of Methods for the Determination of Radium in Waters and Soil.DECAILLON J.g.; BICKEL Michael; HILL Christoph; ALTZITZOGLOU Timotheos
JRC269102004Preparation and Certification of ERM-AE670, a 202-Hg Enriched Methylmercury Isotopic Reference Material.SNELL James; QUETEL Christophe; LAMBERTSSON Lars; QVARNSTROM Johanna
JRC272522004Verwendung von zertifizierten Referenzmaterialien.LINSINGER T.
JRC263742004A Strategy for a National Metrology Institute to Create a Cost Fffective Distributed Metrology Infrastructure for Chemical Measurements.TAYLOR P.d.p.; LEITO I.; MAJCEN Nineta; GALDIKAS A.; VASSILEVA E.; DUTA Steluta; BULSKA Ewa
JRC254592004Aspects of Sample Preparation for the Determination of Actinoids in Soil.HILL Christoph; BICKEL Michael; HOLMES Leigh; BOHNSTEDT Angelika; SIBBENS Goedele; ALTZITZOGLOU Timotheos
JRC278732004Effect of Processing History and Buffer-Composition on Peanut and Hazelnut Protein Extraction Efficiency.CAPELLETTI Claudia; POMS Roland; ANKLAM Elke