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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC472722008Mediterranean-wide Green Vegetation Abundance for Land Degradation Assessment Derived from AVHRR NDVI and Surface Temperature 1989 to 2005WEISSTEINER Christof; BOETTCHER Kristin; MEHL Wolfgang; SOMMER Stefan; STELLMES Marion
JRC430402008On Application of the "Hot-run" Version of the ENSEMBLE System to the ECURIE Level 3 ExercisePOTEMPSKI Slawomir; GALMARINI STEFANO
JRC489212008Event-specific Method for the Quantification of Maize Line MON 89034 Using Real-time PCRSAVINI Cristian; BOGNI Alessia; GRAZIOLI Emanuele; MUNARO Barbara; MAZZARA Marco; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC489192008Event-specific Method for the Quantification of Maize Line LY038 Using Real-time PCRCHARLES DELOBEL Chrystele; GRAZIOLI Emanuele; LARCHER Sara; MAZZARA Marco; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC432572008Proceedings of the Workshop "Cereals Straw and Agricultural Residues for Bioenergy in European Union New Member States and Candidate Countries"SCARLAT Nicolae; DALLEMAND JEAN-FRANCOIS; MARTINOV Milan
JRC493282008Maritime Transport - Report 1: Review of the Measurement of External Costs of Transportation in Theory and PracticePACCAGNAN V.; TURVANI M.; MASSARUTTO A.; ANDREONI Valeria; PERUJO MATEOS DEL PARQUE Adolfo; MIOLA Apollonia
JRC465732008Soils of the European UnionTOTH Gergely; MONTANARELLA Luca; STOLBOVOY Vladimir; MATE Ferenc; BODIS Katalin; JONES Arwyn; PANAGOS Panagiotis; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc
JRC445032008LISVAP - Evaporation Pre-Processor for the LISFLOOD Water Balance and Flood Simulation Model - Revised User ManualVAN DER KNIJFF JOHANNES
JRC484622008Forest Focus Monitoring Database System - Technical Report 2006 Level II DataHIEDERER Roland; DURRANT Tracy; GRANKE Oliver; LAMBOTTE Michel; LORENZ Martin; MIGNON Bertrand
JRC466632008SOAP HTTP Binding Status - Survey on OGC and ORCHESTRA Specifications Relevant for the INSPIRE Network ServicesVILLA Matteo; LUCCHI Roberto; MILLOT Michel; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis