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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC451232008Learning to Learn and Civic Competences: Different Currencies or Two Sides of the Same Coin?HOSKINS BRYONY LOUISE; DEAKIN CRICK Ruth
JRC505462008Agricultural Insurance Schemes IIBIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA Maria; CONTE Costanza; CATENARO Remo; GALLEGO PINILLA Francisco
JRC454032008Equivalent Period and Damping for EC8 Spectral Response of SDOF Ring-spring Hysteretic ModelsZAHARIA Raul; TAUCER FABIO
JRC489092008Event-specific Method for the Quantification of Maize Event Bt11 Using Real-time PCRCHARLES DELOBEL Chrystele; LARCHER Sara; MAZZARA Marco; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC432842008Improving Major Hazard Control at Petroleum Oil Refineries: Key Points and Conclusions Mutual Joint Visit on Seveso Inspections in Petroleum Oil Refineries, 7-9 March 2006, Liverpool, UKMURRAY Andrew; WOOD MAUREEN; BECKETT Viki
JRC638762008DNA-damage induction by eight metal compounds in TK6 human lymphoblastoid cells: Results obtained with the alkaline Comet assayGUILLAMET EMMA; CREUS AMADEU; FARINA MASSIMO; SABBIONI E.; FORTANER TORRENT SALVADOR; MARCOS R.
JRC453672008Optimal mounting strategy for single-axis tracking non-concentrating PV in EuropeHULD THOMAS; SURI MARCEL; CEBECAUER TOMAS; DUNLOP EWAN
JRC419172008Particle Measurement Programme (PMP) Light-Duty Inter-Laboratory Exercise: Comparison of Different Particle Number Measurement SystemsGIECHASKIEL BAROUCH; DILARA PANAGIOTA; SANDBACH EMMA; ANDERSSON JON
JRC486882008Applying the Conservativeness Principle to REDD to Deal with the Uncertainties of the EstimatesGRASSI GIACOMO; MONNI SUVI; FEDERICI SANDRO; ACHARD FREDERIC; MOLLICONE DANILO
JRC438822008Direct Fabrication of Nanoscale Bio-Adhesive Patterns by Electron Beam Surface Modification of Plasma Polymerized Poly Ethylene Oxide-like CoatingsBRETAGNOL FREDERIC; SIRGHI LUCEL; MORNET STEPHANE; SASAKI TAKAO; GILLILAND DOUGLAS; COLPO PASCAL; ROSSI FRANCOIS