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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC567832009Current information sources for hazard identificationGRIESINGER Claudius; HOFFMANN Sebastian; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; COECKE Sandra; HARTUNG Thomas
JRC438942009Research Studies in Support of Nuclear Power Plant Life ManagementBIETH MICHEL; CONTRI PAOLO
JRC484852009Model Steels with Parametric Variation of Ni, Mn, Si and Cr Content: Correlation between Magnetic Barkhausen Noise & Charpy Impact Tests ResultsDEGMOVA Jarmila; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC560902009Analyzig spatial drivers in quantitative conflict studies: the potential and challenges of geographic information systemsSTEPHENNE Nathalie; BURNLEY Clementine; EHRLICH Daniele
JRC521992009Carbon financial mechanisms for agriculture and rural development: challenges and opportunities along the Bali roadmap. An editorial essay.TUBIELLO FRANCESCO; RAHMAN Atiqur; MANN Wendy; SCHMIDHUBER Josef; KOLEVA Marieta; MUELLER Alexander
JRC560782009Neutron spectra measurement and comparison of the HFR and THOR BNCT beamsLIU Yuan-Hao; NIEVAART Victor Alexander; TSAI Pi-En; LIU Hong-Ming; MOSS Raymond; JIANG Shiang-Huei
JRC518932009ELSY - The European Lead Fast ReactorALEMBERTI Alessandro; CARLSSON Johan; MALAMBU Edouard; ORDEN Alfredo; CINOTTI Luciano; STRUWE Dankward; AGOSTINI Pietro; MONTI Stefano
JRC528332009A new Approach to estimate Isotopic Ratios in Nuclear and Radiological Materials from Nuclear Spectrometric Measurements with Count Rates Close to Background.STEINER Martin; ZAEHRINGER Matthias; BERLIZOV Andriy; KIRCHNER Gerald
JRC640082009Paving the Way for Standards for Fuel CellsTSOTRIDIS Georgios
JRC560812009NaI and HPGe Detector Responses for 10 keV through 10 MeV Gamma-RaysBERLIZOV Andrey; FILBY R.; MALIUK I.a.; SAJENIOUK A. I.; TRYSHYN V. V.; WISS Thierry