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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC327612005TACIS R2.06/93 Confinement Cable Penetrations Workshop PaperZAKHAROV E.v.; SCHOELS Hubert
JRC327582005TACIS Project R2.04-96 “Guideline Documents for Residual Lifetime Assessment of Mechanical Components (Except RPV)” Workshop PaperKRAEV A.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC320952005TACIS Project R2.10-96 Cable Ageing Monitoring including Equipment Workshop PaperAHLSTRAND RALF; KONONENKO A.i.
JRC327572005TACIS Project 2.06-96 "Surveillance Program for VVER 1000 RPV" Workshop PaperPOPOV A.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC336772008Validation of Severe Accident Codes on the Phebus Fission Product Tests in the Framework of the PHEBEN-2 ProjectDICKINSON S.; DE PASCALE C.; GIRAULT N.; HERRANZ L.; DE ROSA D.; HENNEGES G.; LANGHANS J.; HOUSIADAS C.; WICHERS V.; DEHBI A.; PACI S.; MARTIN-FUERTES F.; TURCU I.; IVANOV I.; TOTH Bela; HORVATH G.; MUELLER Klaus
JRC327562005TACIS Project R2.09/96 "LBB Applicability and Basic Implementation Engineering for VVER-1000 Model 320 NPP" Executive SummarySOKOV L.m.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC689152005Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking of Heat-Affected Zones of Austenitic Stainless Steel WeldsSTOENESCU Raluca; CASTANO Maria Luisa; VAN DYCK Steven; ROTH Armin; VAN DER SCHAAF Bob; OHMS Carsten; GAVILLET D.
JRC523012009Low temperature thermo chemical compression of hydrogen using metal nanoparticlesROGUT Jan; WIATOWSKI Marian; SVOBODA Karel; STEEN Marc; BAXTER David; SZAFRAN Zbigniew; HARRISON Victor; GRABOWSKI Jacek
JRC523022009Thermochemical Compression of Hydrogen - Nanotechnology Advances in Hydrogen Economy DevelopmentROGUT Jan; STEEN Marc
JRC551372009Combinations of Technical Measures for Reduction of Particle Emissions & Toxicity of 2-S ScootersCZERWINSKI Jan; COMTE Pierre; ASTORGA-LLORENS Maria; ADAM Thomas; MAYER Andreas; REUTIMANN Felix; ZURCHER Daniel