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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC251052003Feasibility Study for the Detection of Meat and Bone Meal in Animal Feed with Pyrolisis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.STRATHMANN S.; VON HOLST Christoph; ANKLAM Elke
JRC244072003Certification of the Content of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Sorbed on TEBAC GR. BCR-555HAFKENSCHEID Th. l.; GAWLIK Bernd; LAMBERTY Andre; VANDENDRIESSCHE S.
JRC247242003Lessons Learnt from Landslide Disasters in EuropeHERVAS Javier
JRC249742003Validation of a Method for the Detection of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Cocoa Butter and Plain Chocolate. Report on the Validation Study.BUCHGRABER Manuela; ANKLAM Elke
JRC260192003Validated Method: Method Description for the Quantification of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Cocoa Butter and Plain Chocolate.BUCHGRABER Manuela; ANKLAM Elke
JRC252192003Uncertainties in Emission Inventory Modelling. Deliverable 44 for the ARTEMIS ProjectTARANTOLA Stefano; KIOUTSIOUKIS Joannis
JRC252182003Multivariate Market Association and its ExtremesBAUR Dirk
JRC255252003IMEP-17: Trace and Minor Constituents in Human Serum. Report to Participants. Part 3: Overview of National Results.VAN NEVEL Lutgart; ORNEMARK Ulf; SMEYERS P.; HARPER C.; TAYLOR Philip
JRC258352003Recommendations to Deal with Snow Avalanches in Europe.HERVAS Javier
JRC246852003Lessons Learnt from Forest Fire DisastersCOLOMBO Alessandro giuseppe; VETERE ARELLANO Ana lisa