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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC501492009Towards Additional Policies to Improve the Environmental Performance of BuildingsUIHLEIN Andreas; EDER Peter
JRC537202009ERAWATCH Country Reports 2009: Spain. Analysis of Policy Mixes to Foster R&D Investment and to Contribute to the ERAHEIJS Joost; HERVAS SORIANO FERNANDO
JRC514722009ENIQ Technical Report - Link Between Risk-Informed In-Service Inspection and Inspection QualificationSHEPHERD Barrie; GANDOSSI Luca; SIMOLA Kaisa
JRC537222009ERAWATCH Country Reports 2009: Sweden. Analysis of Policy Mixes to Foster R&D Investment and to Contribute to the ERAMATTSSON Pauline; ERIKSSON Marie Louise; ÅSTRÖM Tomas; AZAGRA CARO Joaquin Maria
JRC507042009Learning2.0. The Impact of Web2.0 Innovation on Education and Training in EuropeALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; BACIGALUPO Margherita; KLUZER Stefano; PASCU Corina; PUNIE Yves; REDECKER Christine
JRC492242009HIPOS - High Intensity Positron Source at HFRZEMAN Andrej; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC499512009The 2009 Report on R&D in ICT in the European UnionTURLEA Geomina; LINDMARK Sven; PICCI Lucio; DE PANIZZA Andrea; ULBRICH Martin; DESRUELLE Paul; BOGDANOWICZ Marc; BROSTER David
JRC563242009JRC Report under Article 12 of the amended Directive 1994/19/EECCAMPOLONGO Francesca; CARIBONI Jessica; GUILLEME MORENO David
JRC527962009REPORT OF THE FOLLOW-UP COLLABORATIVE STUDY Determination of the sum of Fumonisin B1 and B2 in Compound Animal Feed and Maize by Immunoaffinity Column Clean-up and High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorometric DetectionBREIDBACH Andreas; BOUTEN Katrien; KROEGER Katy; STROKA Joerg
JRC560562009Certification of Reference Materials of Cotton Seed Powder with Different Mass Fractions of the Cotton Event GHB119 - Certified Reference Materials ERM®BF428 (ERM®-BF428a, ERM®-BF428b, ERM®-BF428c)TRAPMANN Stefanie; CHAROUD-GOT Jean; CORBISIER Philippe; JEYNOV Boyan; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; MATAYRON Gilles; MERVEILLIE An; VINCENT Sandra