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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1036082007Beryllium-7 surface concentration extremes in EuropeAJTIĆ Jelena; SARVAN Darko; DJURDJEVIC Vladimir; HERNANDEZ CEBALLOS MIGUEL ANGEL; BRATTICH Erika
JRC307282005Métrologie: la Mesure des Caractéristiques de l'Aérosol liées aux Impacts Locaux et RégionauxPUTAUD JEAN-PHILIPPE; BLANCHARD O.; BOULAUD D.; CACHIER H.; DULAC F.; GUITARD N.; GAUDICHET A.; LAJ P.; LEON Jf; MASCLET P.
JRC560572009Le PMI e gli Investimenti in Ricerca: Le Politiche ComunitarieCARATTI DI LANZACCO Giancarlo
JRC565112009Deployment of new technologies for the abatement of atmospheric pollution and characterisation of health effectsSKOULOUDIS Andreas; RICKERBY David; CAROTTA Maria-Cristina
JRC565102009Connectivity of integrated environment and health systems with research synergies and in support to policiesSKOULOUDIS Andreas; KASSOMENOS Pavlos
JRC503632009Reconsidering Air-Quality from Acidification to PMx Policies and the Response to New Regulatory ChallengesSKOULOUDIS Andreas; MALTEZAKIS ANDREAS
JRC471892008Environmental Assessment of Soil for Monitoring: Volume IIb Survey of National NetworksARROUAYS Dominique; MORVAN Xavier; SABY Nicholas P A; JONES Arwyn; LE BAS Christine
JRC581162009Sustaining the Millennium Development Goals -Volume IIPIGNATELLI Francesco
JRC580322009Sustaining the Millennium Development Goals - Volume IPIGNATELLI Francesco
JRC421112006Cobalt nano-particles modulate cytokine in vitro release by human mononuclear cells mimicking autoimmune diseasePETRARCA C.; PERRONE A.; VERNA N.; VERGINELLI F.; PONTI Jessica; SABBIONI E.; DI GIAMPAOLO Luca; D'ADORANTE V.; SCHIAVONE C.; BOSCOLO P.; MARIANI COSTANTINI R.; DI GIOACCHINO M.