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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC209472000Direct Observations of Skin-Bulk SST Variability.MURRAY M.j.; ALLEN M.r.; MERCHANT C.j.; HARRIS A.r.; DONLON Craig
JRC204892000Towards Specification Driven Change-Detection.SMITS Paul c.; ANNONI Alessandro
JRC197932000Launch of the Green Light Programme in Europe.BERRUTTO Vincent; CONTI Flavio; BERTOLDI P.
JRC205602000Re-Assessing the Extent of Impact of Malta's (Central Mediterranean) Major SewageAXIAK V.; PAVLAKIS P.; SIEBER Alois josef; TARCHI Dario
JRC200672000Failure of Thermal Barrier Coating Systems under Cyclic Thermomechanical Loading.TZIMAS Evangelos; MUELLEJANS Harald; PETEVES Stathis dimitris; BRESSERS Johan; STAMM Werner
JRC208072000Morphological Operators with Discrete Line Segments.SOILLE Pierre
JRC201602000Natural Formation of Chlorinated Phenols, Dibenzo-P-Dioxins and Dibenzofurans in Soil of a Douglas Fir Forest.HOEKSTRA Eddo; DE WEERD Henk; DE LEER E.w.b.; BRINKMAN
JRC178062000Estimating the Contribution of Leonard and Cross Terms to the Subfilter Scale from Atmospheric Measurements.GALMARINI Stefano; MICHELUTTI F.; THUNIS Philippe
JRC199802000Digital Moiré Substraction in Optical and Engineering Metrology.FORNO C.; WHELAN Maurice patrick
JRC209452000The Calibration and Inter-Calibration of Sea Going Infrared Radiometer Systems Using a Low Cost Black Body Cavity.DONLON Craig; NIGHTINGALE T.j.; FIEDLER L.; FISHER G.; BALDWIN D.; ROBINSON I.s.