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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC946612015The dissolution of helium in La-doped UO2 as a surrogate of hypo-stoichiometric UO2TALIP ZEYNEP; WISS Thierry; JANSSEN ARNE; COLLE Jean-Yves; SOMERS Joseph; KONINGS Rudy
JRC946422015Heat capacity of Bi2UO6POPA KARIN; BENES ONDREJ; RAISON Philippe; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; POEML PHILIPP; COLINEAU Eric; KONINGS Rudy; SOMERS Joseph
JRC948132015Structural Investigation of (U0.7Pu0.3)O2-x Mixed OxidesVIGIER JEAN-FRANCOIS; MARTIN Philippe; MARTEL LAURA; PRIEUR DAMIEN; Scheinost A.C.; SOMERS Joseph
JRC922372015Spark Plasma Sintering for Transuranic ElementsTYRPEKL VACLAV; WANGLE TADEAS; HOLZHAEUSER Michael; BERKMANN Christian; SOMERS Joseph; COLOGNA MARCO
JRC950392015Spark Plasma Sintering at JRC-ITU: an overview of the ongoing activitiesCOLOGNA MARCO; TYRPEKL VACLAV; WANGLE TADEAS; SOMERS Joseph
JRC925712015Thermal properties of minor actinide targetsSTAICU Dragos; SOMERS Joseph; FERNANDEZ CARRETERO Asuncion; KONINGS Rudy
JRC958942015Euratom contributions in Fast Reactor reearch programmesFANGHAENEL Thomas; SOMERS Joseph
JRC929392015Linear thermal expansion, thermal diffusivity and melting temperature of Am-MOX and Np-MOXPRIEUR DAMIEN; BELIN R. C.; MANARA Dario; STAICU Dragos; RICHAUD J.-C.; VIGIER JEAN-FRANCOIS; Scheinost A.C.; SOMERS Joseph; MARTIN Philippe
JRC770552015Recent Advances in Fuel for Fast Reactors: Synthesis, Properties, Safety PerformanceSOMERS Joseph
JRC771352015Safety of Advanced Nuclear Fuel CyclesFANGHAENEL Thomas; COJAZZI Giacomo; ERDMANN Nicole; HAAS Didier; KONINGS Rudy; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; SOMERS Joseph; VAN UFFELEN Paul