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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC771352015Safety of Advanced Nuclear Fuel CyclesFANGHAENEL Thomas; COJAZZI Giacomo; ERDMANN Nicole; HAAS Didier; KONINGS Rudy; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; SOMERS Joseph; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC926632014Fission product behaviour in minor actinide-bearing metal fuelINAGAKI KENTA; CAPRIOTTI LUCA; OHTA Hirokazu; OGATA T; BREMIER Stephan; POEML PHILIPP; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC846742014Evidence on spent fuel aging: gas behaviour and alpha-damageWISS Thierry; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; STAICU Dragos; TALIP Z.; MAUGERI Emilio; JANSSEN ARNE; COLLE Jean-Yves; BENES ONDREJ; KONINGS Rudy; RAISON Philippe; BOTTOMLEY Paul; POEML PHILIPP; BREMIER Stephan; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; DI MARCELLO Valentino; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC808622013The data requirements for the verification and validation of a fuel performance code - the TRANSURANUS perspectiveDI MARCELLO VALENTINO; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; VAN DE LAAR Jacques; VAN UFFELEN Paul; SCHUBERT Arndt
JRC871042014Analysis of the revaporisation behaviour of radioactive deposits of fission products in non-stationary thermal conditions and constant atmosphereKNEBEL KEVIN; BOTTOMLEY Paul; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; AUVINEN A.; JOKINIEMI J.
JRC891302014Corium formation from reactor components and how its properties affect later stages of a severe nuclear accident.BOTTOMLEY Paul; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; BREMIER Stephan; POEML PHILIPP; MANARA Dario; SOMERS Joseph; LAJARGE Patrick
JRC927362014Severe accident research at the Transuranium Institute Karlsruhe: A review of past experience and its application to future challengesBOTTOMLEY Paul; WALKER Clive; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; BREMIER Stephan; POEML PHILIPP; GLATZ Jean-Paul; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan; VAN UFFELEN Paul; MANARA Dario; RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC851862014Post Irradiation Examination of Fast Reactor Metallic Fuel for Minor Actinides TransmutationCAPRIOTTI LUCA; INAGAKI KENTA; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; BREMIER Stephan; OHTA Hirokazu; OGATA T; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; MACIAN-JUAN Rafael
JRC884472014Phase characterization in unirradiated and irradiated metallic fuel for minor actinides transmutation in fast reactorCAPRIOTTI LUCA; INAGAKI KENTA; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; BREMIER Stephan; OHTA Hirokazu; OGATA T; ELOIRDI Rachel; BOCCI Fabio; BOUEXIERE Daniel; RONDINELLA Vincenzo
JRC902732014Preliminary studies on volatile fission gas distribution in minor actinide-bearing metal fuelCAPRIOTTI LUCA; BREMIER Stephan; INAGAKI KENTA; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; OHTA Hirokazu; OGATA T; RONDINELLA Vincenzo