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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1010212018Major challenges of integrating agriculture into climate change mitigation policy frameworksFELLMANN THOMAS; WITZKE HEINZ PETER; WEISS FRANZ; VAN DOORSLAER BENJAMIN; DRABIK DUSAN; HUCK INGO; SALPUTRA GUNA; JANSSON TORBJORN; LEIP ADRIAN
JRC1004142018Correlates of long-term land-cover change and protected area performance at priority conservation sites in AfricaBERESFORD ALISON; BUCHANAN GRAEME, M.; PHALAN BEN; ESHIAMWATA GEORGE W.; BALMFORD ANDREW; BRINK ANDREAS; FISHPOOL LINCOLN D. C.; DONALD PAUL, F.
JRC957672018Goodness-of-fit testing for the Newcomb-Benford law with application to the detection of customs fraudBARABESI LUCIO; CERASA ANDREA; CERIOLI ANDREA; PERROTTA DOMENICO
JRC1030292018The contribution of forest carbon credit projects to addressing the climate change challengeVAN DER GAAST WYTZE; SIKKEMA RICHARD; VOHRER MORIZ
JRC952482018Maker Cultures and the Prospects for Technological ActionFIGUEIREDO DO NASCIMENTO SUSANA; POLVORA ALEXANDRE
JRC977852018Internationalising smart specialisation: assessment and issues in the case of EU New Member StatesRADOSEVIC SLAVO; CIAMPI STANCOVA KATERINA