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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC536382010Validation of SeaWiFS and MODIS Aerosol Products with Globally Distributed AERONET DataMELIN Frederic; CLERICI Marco; ZIBORDI Giuseppe; HOLBEN Brent; SMIRNOV Alexander
JRC531252010Identifying Performance Gaps in Hydrogen Safety Sensor Technology for Automotive and Stationary ApplicationsBRETT Lois; BOUSEK Jaroslav; BLACK GRAINNE; MORETTO Pietro; CASTELLO Paolo; HUEBERT Thomas; BANACH Ulrich
JRC547432010The Impact of Climate Change on Lakes in Northern EuropeBLENCKNER Thorsten; ADRIAN Rita; ARVOLA Lauri; JARVINEN Marko; NOGES Peeter; NOGES Tiina; PETTERSSON Kurt; WEYHENMEYER Gesa
JRC535192010Industrial Accidents Triggered by Flood Events: Analysis of Past AccidentsCOZZANI Valerio; CAMPEDEL Michela; RENNI Elisabetta; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC446982010CFD Evaluation of Hydrogen Risk Mitigation Measures in a VVER 440/213 ContainmentHEITSCH MATTHIAS; HUHTANEN Risto; TECHY Zsolt; FRY Chris; KOSTKA Pal; NIEMI Jarto; SCHRAMM Berthold
JRC428232010Strontium Isotopic Signatures of Natural Mineral Waters, the Reference to a Simple Geological Map and its Potential for Authentication of FoodVOERKELIUS Susanne; LORENZ Gesine D.; RUMMEL Susanne; QUETEL CHRISTOPHE; HEISS Gerhard; BAXTER M.; BRACH-PAPA CHRISTOPHE; DETERS-ITZELSBERGER Peter; HOELZL Stefan; HOOGEWERFF Jurian; PONZEVERA Emmanuel; VAN BOCXSTAELE MARLEEN; UECKERMANN Henriette
JRC422272010Towards a Multiplex Cereal Traceability Tool Using Padlock Probe Ligation on Genomic DNAPRINS Theo W.; VAN DIJK Jeroen P.; VAN HOEF A. M. Angeline; VOORHUIJZEN Marleen M.; BROEDERS SYLVIA; TRAPMANN STEFANIE; SEYFARTH Ralf; PARDIGOL Andreas; SCHOEN Cor D.; AARTS Henk J. M.; KOK Esther J.
JRC468522010Learning lessons from tunnel accidents - Recommendations in support of the implementation of Article 15 on Reporting of the EU Directive 2004/54/ECKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; MUSHTAQ Fesil
JRC503842010On the precision of fish stock parameters from the pseudo-cohort analysis VITRAETZ Hans-Joachim; CHEILARI Anna; LLEONART Jordi