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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC85981992Top-Venting of Flashing High-Viscosity FluidsMORRIS Stanley david; OSTER Roland; BELL Keith
JRC93691993Nonlinear Dependence of Fish Bioconcentration on n-Octanol Water Partition CoefficientKARCHER Walter; BINTEIN S.
JRC58681989Lead in Petrol. The Isotopic Lead ExperimentFACCHETTI Sergio
JRC69401989High Pressure Experimental Facilities for Geochemical Studies on Deep Ocean SedimentsSTANNERS David; PLANSON Jean
JRC102471994Survey of Coolant Options of a Monolithic CFC DivertorMATERA Roberto
JRC102301994The Modified Two-Interstitial Model. A ReviewSCHUELE Wolfgang
JRC104971995Attivitta' Citotossica a Breve e Lungo Termine di Promotori Tumorali su Linee Cellulari MurineBALLS Michael; GRIBALDO Laura; MILANI Rossella
JRC89581992Non-Destructive Evaluations of Composite Materials.1. Impact Damage Detection via Holographic InterferometryLUCIA Alfredo carlo; SOLOMOS George
JRC65831989Acetaldehyde Activation of Poly(ADP-ribose)Polymerase in Hepatocytes of Mice Treated in vivoMERLINI Margaret; SACCO Maria grazia
JRC85751992Products and Mechanisms of the NO3 Gas Phase Reactions with CH3SCH3, CH3SH and CH3SSCH3RESTELLI Giambattista