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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC76301990Ricerca Sperimentale sulla Applicabilita' delle Tecniche di Identificazione dei Parametri di Edificio per Scopi di CertificazioneCONTI Flavio; HELCKE George; DANIOTTI Bruno; ZABOT Sergio; SCAGLIONI Stefano
JRC72771990Annual Report 1989 - Environment InstituteVERSINO Bruno; GIRARDI Francesco; BORLE Myriam
JRC76651990Lessons Learnt from Emergencies after Accidents in United Kingdom Involving Dangerous Substances. Community Documentation Centre on Industrial Risk Publication Series, No. 625-UKb3-I.3SMITH E.j.; PURDY G.
JRC74071990Annual Report of the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications (1989)MURRAY Charles nicholas
JRC72461990Annual Report 1989 of the Institute for Safety TechnologyHOLTBECKER Helmut
JRC74311990Barley Knowledge BaseRUSSELL Graham
JRC82311990Concerted Action "Indoor Air Quality & its Impact on Man". Project Inventory (2nd Updated Edition)KNOEPPEL Helmut
JRC74641990Annual Report of the Institute for Prospective Technical Studies 1989RINALDINI Carlo
JRC72501990Modelling of Complex Decision Processes by Petri Nets. The Case of Siting Nuclear Power PlantsVOLTA Giuseppe; PARUCCINI Massimo; FASSONE L.
JRC71851990Acoustic Emission Measurements during Cyclic Fatigue of Welded A533B Plates Containing DefectsSCRUBY C.b.; BEESLEY M.j.; STACEY K.a.; BUTTLE D.j.