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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC76281990In-Situ High Resolution Particle Sampling by Large Time Sequence Inertial SpectrometryPRODI V.; BELOSI F.
JRC72491990A Microstructural Investigation on the Cracking of the Muhleberg Reactor Primary Pipe "CH1"BUSCAGLIA Giovanni; CAMBINI Mario; DELLA ROSSA Massimo
JRC77031990A Survey of Nitrogen Dioxide in Paris (July 1989 - January 1990)QUIRINO Isabella
JRC74321990Agrometeorologie et Physiologie du Mais Grain dans la C.E.BIGNON Jean
JRC71721990Tritium Inventory and Permeation in Liquid Breeder BlanketsREITER Friedrich
JRC75691990Irradiation Creep Experiments on Fusion Reactor Candidate Structural MaterialsSCHUELE Wolfgang; HAUSEN Hermann; CUNDY Michael roy
JRC70961990Monitoring Results 1986-1988 from the Huvudsta PV InstallationBLAESSER Gerd; ANDERSSON A.
JRC71751990Considerations on the Use of Grey Pattern Correlations for Object Identification or Scene Change Detection in Video ImagesMOL Machiel
JRC73491990Investigation on Field Removed Pipe Sections in the PISC Hot LaboratoriesCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre; CAMBINI Mario; EDELMANN Xavier
JRC72391990Activity of the JRC EMEP Station. 1989 Annual ReportSERRINI Gianna; GEISS Helga; BRUN Claude