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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC183221999Multicriteria Approach to Urban Waste Management in LisbonMAZZEO RINALDI Francesco; NANNARIELLO Guido; PARUCCINI Massimo
JRC183351999AQUACON-MedBas Project. Subproject No. 8. Food Analysis. Risultati del Primo Esercizio Interlaboratorio 1997BIANCHI Michele; BORTOLI Angelo; BANFI Giovanni; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC176251999The Certification of the Mass Fraction of As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mn, Pb, Se and Zn in Mussel Tissue (mytilus edulis) CRM 278RLAMBERTY Andre; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC178351999International Standard problem No. 40: Aerosol Deposition and Resuspension. Final Report, February 1999DE LOS REYES Alfredo; AREIA CAPITAO Joaquim
JRC177781999On the Presence of Polychlorinated Organic Compounds in the Liao River and the Yangtse River in Eastern ChinaGAWLIK Bernd manfred; PLATZER Bernhard; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC178041999Sviluppo e Applicazione del Sistema di Supporto GERIPAMAZZEO RINALDI Francesco; PARUCCINI Massimo; MENEGOLO Luigi
JRC174981998Overview of current and Planned Spaceborne Earth Observation Systems. The Handbook. Scenarios of Integrated Space Applications (Satcoms and EO)HOFFMANN Christian; KETSELIDIS Michalis
JRC175381998Inventory of Projects with a European Dimension, where Satellite Communications are Used for Earth Observation ApplicationsSTYLES Jonathan; KETSELIDIS Michalis
JRC152951997Annual Report 1996 - Institute for Advanced Materials.BECQUET Marc clement edmond
JRC153491997Die Kinlensche Virusinfektionshypothese fuer die Haeufungen von Leukaemien und NH Lymphomen bei Kindern.PENKUHN Hans otfried; WIDER Hartmut