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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC71851990Acoustic Emission Measurements during Cyclic Fatigue of Welded A533B Plates Containing DefectsSCRUBY C.b.; BEESLEY M.j.; STACEY K.a.; BUTTLE D.j.
JRC84181991Misure di Radioattivita' Ambientale - Ispra 1990DOMINICI Guido; RISPOSI Lia
JRC80551991Impatto Ambientale da Immissione di Radiocesio nel PoDOMINICI Guido; RISPOSI Lia
JRC76281990In-Situ High Resolution Particle Sampling by Large Time Sequence Inertial SpectrometryPRODI V.; BELOSI F.
JRC84151991Architecture, Programming Environment and Application of the Supernode Network of Transputers (EUROCOURSE, 4-8 November 1991)GROSSETIE Jean-claude
JRC8611199233. Annuario Meteorologico 1991 di IspraGANDINO Claudio; MARANZANA Edvige
JRC80031991Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Solar Heating and DHW System in Residential BuildingsGILLIAERT Daniel; COLOMBO Roberto; LANDABASO A.
JRC88871992Modellistica Ecologica dei LaghiROSSI Giovanni
JRC72491990A Microstructural Investigation on the Cracking of the Muhleberg Reactor Primary Pipe "CH1"BUSCAGLIA Giovanni; CAMBINI Mario; DELLA ROSSA Massimo
JRC77031990A Survey of Nitrogen Dioxide in Paris (July 1989 - January 1990)QUIRINO Isabella