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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC260362003Metal-Detector Handbook for Humanitarian DeminingLEWIS Adam; BLOODWORTH Thomas; GUELLE Dieter; SMITH Adrian
JRC255632003Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements Activity Report 2002.LEHTO Sari; FLORIAN D.
JRC247392003Organic Matter in the Soils of Europe: Present Status and Future TrendsRUSCO Ezio; JONES Robert; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
JRC249552003Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning. The MOLAND Activities on Urban Scenario Modelling and Forecast.BARREDO Jose i.; KASANKO Marjo; LAVALLE Carlo; MC CORMICK Niall; DEMICHELI Luca
JRC258252003European Union Risk Assessment Report. DIDP, CAS No. 68515-49-1 and 26761-40-0, EINECS nO. 271-091-4 and 247-977-1.MUNN Sharon j.; ALLANOU Remi; ASCHBERGER Karin; BERTHAULT F.; DE BRUIJN Jack; MUSSET C.; O' CONNOR Sarah; PAKALIN S.; PELLEGRINI Grazia; SCHEER Stefan; VEGRO S.
JRC260262003CPDW Project. Assessment of Migration of Non-Suspected Compounds from Products in Contact with Drinking Water by GC-MS.JAMES H.; BONDANT M.; HOEKSTRA Eddo; LANGER S.; VAN LEERDAM T.; NOIJ Th.; STOTTMEISTER E.; VESCHETTI E.
JRC254892003Controlling Carbon Emissions. The Option of Carbon Sequestration.TZIMAS Evangelos; PETEVES Stathis dimitris
JRC267072003JRC-Ispra Air Monitoring Station Report 2000-2001REMBGES Diana; BRUN Claude; DUANE Matthew; FANTECCHI Gaia; GEISS Otmar; LARSEN Bo richter; PUTAUD J.p.
JRC261052003CPDW Project. Review of High-Level Disinfection Practices in Drinking Water Distribution Systems in the EU Member StatesRIGAL S.; ASHWORTH J.; BENOLIEL M.; VAN DER JADT H.; KLINGER J.; OTTAVIANI M.; WAGNER I.; HOEKSTRA Eddo
JRC246352003Simultaneous Calorimetric and Respirometric Measurements for Textile Wastewater CharacterisationDAVERIO E.; LIGTHART Jacobus