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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC552832009Development of a Data Set for Continental Hydrologic Modelling - Input Layers Related to Topography, Channel Geometry, Land Cover and Soil Characteristics of European and African River BasinsBODIS Katalin
JRC522792009Direct and Indirect Impact of Biofuel Policies on Tropical Deforestation in MalaysiaDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; SUNDRAM Kalyana; STIBIG Hans-Jurgen
JRC560412009The Cost of Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects in EuropeTZIMAS Evangelos
JRC509152009Modelling and Analysis of the European Milk and Dairy MarketBARTOVA Lubica; FELLMANN THOMAS; M'BAREK Robert
JRC531162009Regional Economic Analysis of Milk Quota Reform in the EUWITZKE Heinz Peter; KEMPEN Markus; PEREZ DOMINGUEZ Ignacio; JANSSON Torbjörn; SCKOKAI Paolo; HELMING John; HECKELEI Thomas; MORO Daniele; TONINI Axel; FELLMANN THOMAS; FELLMANN THOMAS
JRC533982009The State of the Art of Research in the EU on the Uptake and Use of ICT by Immigrants and Ethnic MinoritiesBORKERT Maren; CINGOLANI Pietro; PREMAZZI Viviana; KLUZER Stefano; HACHE Alexandra
JRC536842009ERAWATCH Country Reports 2009: Croatia - Analysis of Policy Mixes to Foster R&D Investment and to Contribute to the ERABOJIC Olana; FERNÁNDEZ ZUBIETA ANA
JRC523922009Longer and Heavier Vehicles: An Overview of Technical AspectsLEDUC Guillaume
JRC537102009ERAWATCH Country Reports 2009: Luxembourg. Analysis of policy mixes to foster R&D investment and to contribute to the ERAALEXANDER Susan; CARAT Gerard
JRC533182009Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) - Review of Scientific Advice for 2010 - Part ICASEY John; RAID Tiit; DOERNER Hendrik