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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1169932020Validation Study Report: Performance assessment of the AR-CALUX® in vitro method: to support the development of an international test guideline for Androgen Receptor Transactivation Assays (ARTA) for the detection of compounds with (anti)androgenic potentialMILCAMPS ANNE; LISKA ROMAN; LANGEZAAL INGRID; CASEY WARREN; DENT MATTHEW; ODUM JENNY
JRC1212712020Place-based innovation for sustainabilityMCCANN PHILIP; SOETE LUC
JRC1210302020Projected freshwater needs of the energy sector in the European Union and the UKHIDALGO GONZALEZ IGNACIO; MEDARAC HRVOJE; MAGAGNA DAVIDE
JRC1212362020Program GAP Technical Description and User manual: Version 5.0PLANAS CHRISTOPHE; ROSSI ALESSANDRO
JRC1212602020Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) - Evaluation of Joint Recommendations on the Landing Obligation and on the Technical Measures Regulation (STECF-20-04)RIHAN DOMINIC; CATCHPOLE THOMAS; DOERNER HENDRIK
JRC1209112020LifeComp: The European Framework for Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Key Competence:SALA ARIANNA; PUNIE YVES; GARKOV VLADIMIR; CABRERA GIRALDEZ MARCELINO
JRC1207712020Alignment of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive:current state and future perspectivesPALIALEXIS ANDREAS; BOSCHETTI SIMONA; VASILAKOPOULOS PARASKEVAS; SOMMA FRANCESCA
JRC1203992020AI Watch - Artificial Intelligence in public services: Overview of the use and impact of AI in public services in the EUMISURACA GIANLUCA; VAN NOORDT COLIN
JRC1207762020Who owns the city? Exploratory research activity on the financialisation of housing in EU citiesVAN HEERDEN SJOERDJE; RIBEIRO BARRANCO RICARDO; LAVALLE CARLO
JRC1211182020Planet HHR Time Stacks tests in the 2019 crop season - a synthesisAASTRAND PAER; LEMAJIC SLAVKO; WIRNHARDT CSABA