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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC198922000Joint Research Centre Annual Report 1999.VLATIS Ioannis
JRC198572000Risk Assessment in Relation to Indoor Air Quality. Report No. 22.BALARAS C.a.; BOCHICCHIO Francesco; HANSSEN Stef olaf; JANTUNEN Matti; KIRCHNER Severine; KNOEPPEL Helmut; KUUSISTO Sari; LEFAS C. c.; LINDVALL Thomas; MARONI Marco; MC LAUGHLIN J.p.; RAW Gary
JRC196572000Certification of n-Heptane (IRMM-441) and Isooctane (IRMM-442): Reference Fuels.PAUWELS Jean; SEJEROE-OLSEN B.; SCHIMMEL Heinz; WALTHER A.; RUECKOLD S.; GROBECKER K.h.
JRC195152000Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements Annual Report 1999.NICHOLL Ciaran; FLORIAN D.; GRASSERBAUER M.
JRC195952000NESC-1 Project. Final Overview Report.BASS Richard; WINTLE John; HURST Roger christopher
JRC196582000Strategy for 4-D Variational Assimilation of Remotely Sensed Ocean Colour SeaWiFS Data in a Coupled Biological-Physical Model of the North Atlantic Ecosystem.MATHIEU Pierre-philippe
JRC197132000Environment Institute Annual Report 1999.JIMENEZ Jose
JRC196792000Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety Annual Report 1999.SANDERS Juergen; WIEGMANN Till
JRC195582000Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions from a Coastal Catchment in the Delta of the Po River. Measurement and Modelling of Fluxes from a Mediterranean Lagoon and Agricultural Soils.LEIP Adrian
JRC195512000The Development of Indicators for Contaminated Sites. A New Methodology for Monitoring, Assessing and Reporting on the Environmental Problem of Contaminated Sites at European Level.FERRARI M.; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc henri