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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC54551987Ueber die Bedeutung der Versdetzungssenkenstaerke fuer die Evolution von Mikrostrukturen unter BestrahlungSTEINBACH E.
JRC48371987Image Processing for Absolute Strain Measurement by Laser InterferometryLUCIA Alfredo; FRANCHI Marco; MAROZZI C.a.; FONTANA R.
JRC48381987PREP and SPOP Utilities. Two Fortran Programs for Sample Preparation, Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis in Monte Carlo Simulation. Programs Description and User's GuideSALTELLI Andrea
JRC55391987Digital Image Compression by Huffman CodeTERMANINI Anselmo; COMBET Michel; MORANDI Clelia
JRC51331987Immobilization of Tritiated Waste-Water by Hydraulic Cements. A Survey of the State of the ArtMANNONE Francesco
JRC49781987A Survey of Industrial Accidents DatabasesBOCKHOLTS P.; HEIDEBRINK I.; MOSS T.; BUTLER J.; FIORENTINI C.
JRC49721987Neutronic Spectrometry Measurements in SodiumPERLINI Giuseppe; ACERBIS Silverio
JRC52911987Advances in the Electrolysis of Tritiated Water for its Application to a Fusion Plasma Processing PlantPIERINI Giancarlo; SPELTA Bruno
JRC49701987Atmospheric Corrosion Testing of Energy Conversion CoatingsSTRAETMANS R.; BOGAERTS W.; VAN HAUTE A.
JRC51311987Evaluation of the Use of Advanced Information Technology (Expert Systems) for Data Base System Development and Emergency Management in Non-Nuclear IndustriesRASMUSSEN J.; PEDERSEN O.m.; GROENBERG C.d.