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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC102481994Statistical Diagnostics for Industrial Processes in a Context of Dynamic Linear ModelsOLIVI Luciano; PARISI Pasquale
JRC103321994NOAA-AVHRR Studies of Vegetation Characteristics and Deforestation Mapping in The Amazon BasinMALINGREAU Jean-paul
JRC45651986L'Era del Fosforo e' Finita? I Detersivi e l'AmbienteMARENGO Giuseppe
JRC48681989Equilibrium and Kinetic Controls on the Subsurface Migration of Radioactive ContaminantsBIDOGLIO Giovanni; AVOGADRO Alessandro
JRC49651987An Analysis of the Print Media in Europe Following the Chernobyl AccidentOTWAY Harry; PARUCCINI Massimo; CANNELL William; GIANITSOPOLOUS Giorgios
JRC102121994Manipulation of Speckle Fringes for Non Destructive Testing of Defects in CompositesPAOLETTI D.; SCHIRRIPA SPAGNOLO G.; ZANETTA Paolo
JRC63711989Fission Neutron Penetration in Iron and Sodium. II. Neutron SpectrometryRIEF Herbert; PERLINI Giuseppe
JRC45481987A Modified Representation of Transverse Shear in C. Quadrilateral Plate ElementsLAMAIN Leendert
JRC40751985Calibration Technique for IR Laser Second Derivative Monitoring of Some Trace Gases in Tropospheric AirRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco
JRC70241991The Eastern Boundary off Northwest Africa Viewed by Satellite Remote Sensing. Examples of Temperature and Chlorophyll-like Pigment Concentrations at the Sea SurfaceMITTELSTAEDT E.