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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC67231989Analytical Capability for Predicting Structural Respons of NPP Concrete Containments to Severe LoadsTRBOJEVIC V.m.; MARTI J.; MARTINEZ F.; CORTES P.; PLANAS J.; GUINEA G.
JRC67541989Summary of the PISC II Parametric Studies on the Effect of Defect Characteristics (EDC)CRUTZEN Serge; CERTO Mario; DOMBRET Philippe
JRC106371994Tropospheric Ozone in the Pre-Alpine and Alpine RegionsSANDRONI Santino; BOFFA G.
JRC60101988Misure di Radioattivita' Ambientale - Ispra 1987DOMINICI Guido
JRC77021990The AVEXPO CampaignSCHAYES Guy; CHAPUIS Alain; GEORGIADIS Teodoro; MANZI Giovanni; MORICONI M.l.; NEGRI Antonio; ROSSI Federica
JRC97831993Rating Criteria for Activated Waste from Fusion ReactorsROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC80081991High Thermal Performance Divertor PlateMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario
JRC64201989The PHEBUS-FB Project. A Descriptive ReportVON DER HARDT Peter
JRC112261994Two-Stage Area Frame Sampling on Squared Segments for Farm SurveysCARFAGNA E.
JRC76961991The Potential Contribution of Satellite Remote Sensing to the Understanding of Arid Lands ProcessesPINTY Bernard