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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC955332015Future research program on prompt gamma-ray emission in nuclear fissionOBERSTEDT Stephan; BILLNERT ROBERT; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; LEBOIS M.; OBERSTEDT A.; WILSON J. N.
JRC947212015First use of single-crystal diamonds as fission-fragment detectorFREGEAU MARC OLIVIER; OBERSTEDT Stephan; BRYS TOMASZ; GAMBONI Thierry; GEERTS Wouter; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT A.; VIDALI Marzio
JRC920132014New prompt fission gamma-ray data in response to the OECD/NEA high priority requestOBERSTEDT Stephan; BILLNERT ROBERT; BELGYA T.; BORCEA Ruxandra; BRYS TOMASZ; GEERTS Wouter; GÖÖK Alf; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; KISH Z.; MARTINEZ PEREZ T.; OBERSTEDT A.; SZENTMIKLOSI L.; VIDALI Marzio
JRC885332013The VERDI fission fragment spectrometerFREGEAU MARC OLIVIER; BRYS TOMASZ; GAMBONI Thierry; GEERTS Wouter; OBERSTEDT Stephan; OBERSTEDT A.; BORCEA R.
JRC885872013Recent developments for an active UF6 gas target for photon-induced fission experimentsFREUDENBERGER M.; ECKARDT C.; ENDERS J.; GÖÖK Alf; VON NEUMANN-COSEL P.; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC885342013Prompt fission gamma-rays from the reactions 252Cf(SF) and 235U(nth, f) - new dataOBERSTEDT Stephan; BELGYA T.; BILLNERT ROBERT; BRYS TOMASZ; GEERTS Wouter; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; KIS Z.; MARTINEZ T.; OBERSTEDT A.; SZENTMIKLOSI L.; VIDALI Marzio
JRC814682013Development of a kinematically focused neutron source with the p(7Li,n)7Be inverse reactionLEBOIS M.; WILSON J.; HALIPRE P.; LENIAU B.; MATEA I.; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; VERNEY D.
JRC738682012Novel scintillation detectors for prompt fission gamma-ray measurementsBILLNERT ROBERT; ANDREOTTI ERICA; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; HULT Mikael; KARLSSON J.; MARISSENS Gerd; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC738652012Fragment properties from fission of actinide nuclei induced by 6-10 MeV bremsstrahlungGÖÖK A.; ECKARDT C.; ENDERS J.; FREUDENBERGER M.; VON NEUMANN-COSEL P.; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; RICHTER A.
JRC738662012Gamma-ray measurements with LaBr3: Ce detectors - thinking outside the boxOBERSTEDT A.; BILLNERT ROBERT; OBERSTEDT Stephan