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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC755112012Measurements of fission mass yields and neutron multiplicity - Rendements de fission en masse et multiplicité neutroniqueLAURENT B.; GRANIER T.; BELIER G.; MARTIN J. - F.; CHATILLON A.; TAIEB J.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; SALVADOR CASTINEIRA PAULA; OBERSTEDT Stephan; TOVESSON F.; LAPTEV A.-b.; HAIGHT R.c.; NELSON R. O.; O'DONNELL J. M.
JRC761662012Neutron induced fission of 234UHAMBSCH Franz-Josef; AL-ADILI A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; POMP S.
JRC619662012Reaction cross-sections, fission yields and prompt neutron emission from actinide targetsHAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Stephan; AL-ADILI ALI; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; PLOMPEN Arjan; KOPECKY Stefan; SAGE C.; LAMPOUDIS CHRISTOS
JRC729812012243Am neutron-induced fission cross section in the fast neutron energy rangeKESSEDJIAN G.; BARREAU G.; AICHE Mourad; JURADO B.; BIDAUD A.; CZAJKOWSKI S.; DASSIE Danielle; HAAS B.; MATHIEU L.; TASSAN-GOT L.; WILSON J. N.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Stephan; ALMAHAMID I.; FLOYD J.; LUKENS W. W.; SHUH D.
JRC740722012Impact of prompt-neutron corrections on final fission-fragment distributionsAL-ADILI A.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; POMP S.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC728472012Sub-barrier resonance fission and its effects on fission fragment propertiesTUDORA Anabella; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC738682012Novel scintillation detectors for prompt fission gamma-ray measurementsBILLNERT ROBERT; ANDREOTTI ERICA; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; HULT Mikael; KARLSSON J.; MARISSENS Gerd; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC739332012Indication of anisotropic TKE and mass emission in 234U(n,f)AL-ADILI A.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; POMP S.; OBERSTEDT Stephan
JRC738652012Fragment properties from fission of actinide nuclei induced by 6-10 MeV bremsstrahlungGÖÖK A.; ECKARDT C.; ENDERS J.; FREUDENBERGER M.; VON NEUMANN-COSEL P.; OBERSTEDT A.; OBERSTEDT Stephan; RICHTER A.
JRC738662012Gamma-ray measurements with LaBr3: Ce detectors - thinking outside the boxOBERSTEDT A.; BILLNERT ROBERT; OBERSTEDT Stephan