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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC638732010Metabolic fate of ultratrace levels of GeCl(4) in the rat and in vitro studies on its basal cytotoxicity and carcinogenic potential in Balb/3T3 and HaCaT cell linesdaggerSABBIONI ENRICO; FORTANER TORRENT SALVADOR; BOSISIO STEFANO; FARINA M.; DEL TORCHIO RICCARDO; EDEL JOHANNA; FISCHBACH M
JRC544002010Knowledge, democracy and action in response to climate changeROMMETVEIT KJETIL; FUNTOWICZ SILVIO; STRAND ROGER
JRC598862010Are Firms in Knowledge and Technology-Intensive Sectors Located within Regional Clusters more Efficient? Some Empirical Evidence from Eastern EuropeKOZOVSKA KORNELIA
JRC598872010FDIs Productivity Spillovers in Regional Clusters: A Comparison between Poland and Romania [Effetti degli Ide sulla produttività delle imprese nazionali: un confronto tra Polonia e Romania]FRANCO CHIARA; KOZOVSKA KORNELIA
JRC506832010The Use of Coded Wire Tags to Estimate Cormorant Predation on Fish Stocks in an EstuaryJEPSEN Niels; KLENKE Reinhard; SONNESEN Per; BREGNBALLE Thomas
JRC673612010Collaborative Activities Inside PoolsCHINOSI MICHELE
JRC565072010The Tenth European Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory PurposesSKOULOUDIS Andreas
JRC517982010Unexpected common mechanistic pathways for embryotoxicity of warfarin and lovastatinGROEBE Karlfried; HAYESS Katrin; KLEMM-MANNS Martina; SCHWALL Gerhard; WOZNY Woijciech; STEEMANS Margino; PETERS Annelieke; SASTRI Chaturvedala; JAECKEL Petra; STEGMANN Werner; ZENGERLING Helmut; SCHÖPF Rainer; POZNANOVIC Slobodan; STUMMANN Tina C.; SEILER Andrea; SCHRATTENHOLZ André; SPIELMANN Horst
JRC593992010Linked Data and Spatial Data InfrastructuresCOX SIMON
JRC628082010Mapping the performance of PV modules, effects of module type and data averagingHULD Thomas; GOTTSCHALG Ralph; BEYER Hans Georg; MARKO Topic