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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC655332011Analysis of Patient Survival in a Phase 1 Trial of Systemic Targeted Alpha Therapy for Metastatic MelanomaALLEN B. J.; SINGLA A; RAJA C.; RIZVI S.; GRAHAM P.; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; MORGENSTERN Alfred
JRC655322011Unprecedented Incorporation of alpha-Emitter Radioisotope 213Bi into Porphyrin Chelates with Reference to a Daughter Isotope Mediated Assistance MechanismLE GAC Stephane; NAJJARI Btissam; MOTREFF Nicolas; REMAUD-LE SAEC Patricia; FAIVRE-CHAUVET A; DIMANCHE-BOITREL M; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; LACHKAR M; BOITREL Bernard
JRC640872011Targeted alpha therapy with 213BiMORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; APOSTOLIDIS Christos
JRC542792011An Alpha-Particle Emiting Radiopeptide (213 Bi-DOTA-PESIN) for Therapy of Prostate CancerWILD D.; FRISCHKNECHT M.; ZHANG H.; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; BOISCLAIR J.; PROVENCHER-BOLLIGER A.; REUBI Jean-Claude; MAECKE H. R.
JRC655312011177Lu-immunotherapy of experimental peritoneal carcinomatosis shows comparable effectiveness to 213Bi-immunotherapy, but causes toxicity not observed with 213BiSEIDL C.; ZÖCKLER C; BECK R.; QUINTANILLA-MARTINEZ L; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; SENEKOWITSCH-SCHMIDTKE R.