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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1072342018Estimating chemical ecotoxicity in EU ecolabel and in EU product environmental footprintSAOUTER ERWAN; DE SCHRYVER AN; PANT RANA; SALA SERENELLA
JRC1124212018Benchmarks for environmental impact of housing in Europe: definition of archetypes and LCA of the residential building stockLAVAGNA MONICA; BALDASSARRI CATIA; CAMPIOLI ANDREA; GIORGI SERENA; DALLA VALLE ANNA; CASTELLANI VALENTINA; SALA SERENELLA
JRC1087522018Food waste accounting along global and European food supply chains: State of the art and outlookCORRADO SARA; SALA SERENELLA
JRC1104332018Quantifying household waste of fresh fruit and vegetables in the EUDE LAURENTIIS VALERIA; CORRADO SARA; SALA SERENELLA
JRC1092032018Impatti ambientali LCA del patrimonio residenziale europeo e scenari di prevenzioneLAVAGNA MONICA; SALA SERENELLA
JRC1082382018Bio-economy contribution to circular economySALA SERENELLA; CORRADO SARA
JRC1082362018Improving interpretation, presentation and visualisation of LCA studies for decision making supportSALA SERENELLA; ANDREASSON JESSICA
JRC1117042018Roadmap to rebound: how to address rebound effects from resource efficiency policyVIVANCO DAVID; SALA SERENELLA; MCDOWALL WILL
JRC1102362018Techno-economic and profitability analysis of food waste biorefineries at European levelCRISTOBAL GARCIA JORGE; PATINHA CALDEIRA CARLA; CORRADO SARA; SALA SERENELLA
JRC1042482018Social impact assessment in the mining sector: review and comparison of indicators frameworksMANCINI LUCIA; SALA SERENELLA