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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC638732010Metabolic fate of ultratrace levels of GeCl(4) in the rat and in vitro studies on its basal cytotoxicity and carcinogenic potential in Balb/3T3 and HaCaT cell linesdaggerSABBIONI ENRICO; FORTANER TORRENT SALVADOR; BOSISIO STEFANO; FARINA M.; DEL TORCHIO RICCARDO; EDEL JOHANNA; FISCHBACH M
JRC544002010Knowledge, democracy and action in response to climate changeROMMETVEIT KJETIL; FUNTOWICZ SILVIO; STRAND ROGER
JRC598862010Are Firms in Knowledge and Technology-Intensive Sectors Located within Regional Clusters more Efficient? Some Empirical Evidence from Eastern EuropeKOZOVSKA KORNELIA
JRC598872010FDIs Productivity Spillovers in Regional Clusters: A Comparison between Poland and Romania [Effetti degli Ide sulla produttività delle imprese nazionali: un confronto tra Polonia e Romania]FRANCO CHIARA; KOZOVSKA KORNELIA
JRC506832010The Use of Coded Wire Tags to Estimate Cormorant Predation on Fish Stocks in an EstuaryJEPSEN Niels; KLENKE Reinhard; SONNESEN Per; BREGNBALLE Thomas
JRC673612010Collaborative Activities Inside PoolsCHINOSI MICHELE
JRC517982010Unexpected common mechanistic pathways for embryotoxicity of warfarin and lovastatinGROEBE Karlfried; HAYESS Katrin; KLEMM-MANNS Martina; SCHWALL Gerhard; WOZNY Woijciech; STEEMANS Margino; PETERS Annelieke; SASTRI Chaturvedala; JAECKEL Petra; STEGMANN Werner; ZENGERLING Helmut; SCHÖPF Rainer; POZNANOVIC Slobodan; STUMMANN Tina C.; SEILER Andrea; SCHRATTENHOLZ André; SPIELMANN Horst
JRC593992010Linked Data and Spatial Data InfrastructuresCOX SIMON
JRC628082010Mapping the performance of PV modules, effects of module type and data averagingHULD Thomas; GOTTSCHALG Ralph; BEYER Hans Georg; MARKO Topic
JRC914722010Strategies for teaching English Language Learners: helping Children Develop Conversational and Academical Language SkillsDE SOUSA LOBO BORGES DE ARAUJO LUISA