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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1029792016Approaching durability assessment and analysis of frequent failures to support product policies: the example of dishwashersTECCHIO PAOLO; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; TALENS PEIRO LAURA; EISENRIEGLER Sepp
JRC1040652016Revision of methods to assess material efficiency of energy related products and potential requirementsARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; TALENS PEIRO LAURA
JRC1026322016Analysis of durability, reusability and reparability - Application to washing machines and dishwashersTECCHIO PAOLO; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC1006132016Life cycle assessment of an innovative recycling process for crystalline silicon photovoltaic panelsLATUNUSSA CYNTHIA; ARDENTE FULVIO; BLENGINI GIOVANNI; MANCINI LUCIA
JRC1026032016Environmental and economic assessment of durability of energy-using products: method and application to a case-study vacuum cleanerBOBBA SILVIA; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC1016982016Carbon Footprint per la valutazione della performance di politiche di acquisti verdi pubblici: un caso di studio nella ristorazione collettivaCERUTTI Alessandro; CONTU Simone; ARDENTE FULVIO; DONNO Dario; BECCARO Gabriele
JRC1007852016Analysis of material efficiency aspects of Energy related Product for the development of EU Ecolabel criteria. Analysis of product groups: personal computers and electronic displaysTALENS PEIRO LAURA; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC1014792016Study for a method to assess the ease of disassembly of electrical and electronic equipment. Method development and application to a flat panel display case study.VANEGAS Paul; PEETERS Jef; CATTRYSSE Dirk; DUFLOU Joost; TECCHIO PAOLO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; ARDENTE FULVIO
JRC843112016Environmental Footprint and Material Efficiency Support for Product Policy - Feasibility study for a standardized method to measure the time taken to extract certain parts from an Electrical and Electronic EquipmentRECCHIONI MARCO; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC1007832016Analysis of material recovery from silicon photovoltaic panelsLATUNUSSA CYNTHIA; MANCINI LUCIA; BLENGINI GIOVANNI; ARDENTE FULVIO; PENNINGTON David