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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC66271991Products and Mechanism of the Reaction between NO3 and Dimethylsulphide in AirRESTELLI Giambattista
JRC84031991Le Programme Europeen d'Harmonisation sur la Revision de Methode de Reference pour la Mesure des Poussieres, la Conceptions des Reseaux de Surveillance, et OrientationsSANDRONI Santino; PAYRISSAT Maurice
JRC80391991Structural Assessment of the NET/ITER First Wall and Component TestingMATERA Roberto; VIEIDER G.; JAKEMAN R.r.
JRC84901991La Surveillance du Dioxyde d'Azote a Madrid au Moyen d'Echantillonneurs Passifs. Evaluation Critique de la Conception du ReseauPAYRISSAT Maurice
JRC79101991Proposta di Interventi finalizzati al Controllo dei Prodotti ed alla Tutela della Salute dei ConsumatoriSERRINI Giorgio; MARENGO Giuseppe; D'ANTONIO S.; PASTONI F.; BIGNAMI M.e.; BORGHI R.
JRC85991991Measurement of Yellow Substance Absorption and Evaluation of its Influence on the Remote Sensing of Water Quality in the Gulf of Naples. A Case StudyTASSAN Stelvio; FERRARI Giovanni
JRC85771991Compressible Gas-Liquid Flow through Pipeline RestrictionsMORRIS Stanley david
JRC80401991Preliminary Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Effects of Plasma Disruptions on the Thermal Fatigue Lifetime of the ITER/NET First WallMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario
JRC80781991Development of a Kinetic Model, Including Rate Constant Estimations, on Iodine and Caesium Behaviour in the Primary Circuit of LWRs under Accident ConditionsBURON J.m.; FERNANDEZ S.; ALONSO-SANTOS A.
JRC78191991Absolute Infrared Intensities in the Fundamentals v2 and v5 of 12CH3 35ClRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; TARRAGO G.