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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC50831987Multielement Determination of Metals in Biological Specimens of Hard Metal Workers: a Study Carried Out by Neutron Activation AnalysisSABBIONI Enrico; PIETRA Romano; MOSCONI G.; CASSINA G.; SEGHIZZI C.
JRC50671987Impianto Solare per la Produzione di Acqua Calda di Processo con Trasporto Spontaneo di Calore Verso il Basso. Fase 1 - Progetto e CostruzioneDE BENI Gianfranco; FRIESEN Rudolf
JRC48511987Behaviour of the Nozzle Corner Region during the First Phase of the Fatigue Test on Scaled Models of Pressure Vessels (JRC Vessel A)LUCIA Alfredo; ELBAZ Jack; DUJARDIN Roger; BRUNNHUBER Rudolf; SCHWARZ Uwe
JRC50281987Water Quality Assessment by Multiparameters Flow CitometryPREMAZZI Guido; ZANON G.
JRC48561987Measurements of Sound Absorption and Sound Speed in Terrigeneous SedimentsWEYDERT Marco; D'ALESSANDRO Marco
JRC44091987The Role of Neutron Activation Analysis and Radioanalitical Methods in Dose Effect Relationships Studies for the Setting of Trace Metal Protection CriteriaSABBIONI Enrico; PIETRA Romano; GOETZ Lothar; EDEL Johanna
JRC48531987Problems of Variance Reduction in the Simulation of Random VariablesLESSI Oliviero
JRC52611987Aspects Appliques et Internationaux de l'Ecologie Litterale MediterraneenneRAVERA Oscar
JRC46701987Biomphalaria Glabrata (SAY), a Suitable Organism for a BiotestMÜNZINGER A.
JRC50651987A Century of Variations in some Zooplankton and Zoobenthos Organisms in Lake Comabbio (Northern Italy) Read from Their Remains in the Lake SedimentRAVERA Oscar; ZARINI S.