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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC134701997Magnetic Response Function in URhAl.HIESS Arno; HAVELA L.; PROKES K.; ECCLESTON R.s.; LANDER Gerard heath
JRC149561997Spin Fluctuations in the Heavy Fermion Superconductor UPd2Al3 Studied by Neutron Inelastic Scattering.SATO N.; ASO M.; LANDER Gerard heath; ROESSLI B.; KOMATSUBARA T.; ENDOH Yasuo
JRC132031997Separation of the Spin and Orbital Moments in Antiferromagnetic UAs.LANGRIDGE Sean; LANDER Gerard heath; BERNHOEFT N.; STUNAULT A.; VETTIER C.; GRUEBEL G.; SUTTER C.; DE BERGEVIN F.; NUTTALL W.j.; STIRLING W.g.; MATTENBERGER K.; VOGT O.
JRC144621997Magnetic Sublattice Interactions in UFe4Al8.PAIXAO J.a.; LEBECH B.; GONCALVES A. p.; BROWN P.j.; LANDER Gerard heath; BURLET P.; DELAPALME A.; SPIRLET Jean claude
JRC134801997Soft Phonons and the Charge-Density-Wave Transition in Alpha-Uranium.MARMEGGI J.c.; CURRAT R.; LANDER Gerard heath; ZEYEN C.
JRC160491997Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ce/Fe and Ce/FeCoV Multilayers.TIXIER S.; MANNIX D.; BOENI P.; STIRLING W.g.; LANDER Gerard heath
JRC134641997Polarised Neutron Reflectivity from a [UAs/Co] Multilayer.MANNIX D.; STIRLING W.g.; BUCKNALL D.; HAYCOOK P.; BROWN S.; LANDER Gerard heath; PLASKETT T.s.
JRC160501997Magnetic Excitations in NpBi.BOURDAROT F.; BURLET P.; BOSSY P.; FAK B.; LANDER Gerard heath; REBIZANT Jean; REGNAULT L.p.; SPIRLET Jean claude
JRC134791997Magnetic Structures of NpBe13 and NpPd2Al3.HIESS Arno; BONNET M.; BURLET P.; RESSOUCHE E.; SANCHEZ J.p.; BOUDAROT F.; WAERENBORGH Joao carlos; ZWIRNER Stefan; WASTIN Franck henri; REBIZANT Jean; LANDER Gerard heath; SUARD E.; SMITH J.l.
JRC149571997Magneto-Elastic Effects in Single-Crystal USb0.8Te0.2NUTTALL W.j.; PERRY S.c.; BOWYER D.r.; STIRLING W.g.; LANDER Gerard heath; VOGT O.