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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC63441989Approaching Single Atom Detection with Atomic Fluorescence in a Glow Discharge Atom ReservoirSMITH B.w.; WOMACK J.b.
JRC70281989Theoretical Considerations on the Optogalvanic Detection of Laser Induced Fluorescence in Atmospheric Pressure AtomizersSMITH B.w.
JRC63411989On the Observation of an Atomic Fluorescence Double-Resonance Excitation Process in an ICP Induced by a Spectral Continuum SourceSMITH B.w.; MIGNARDI M.a.; SZABO N.j.
JRC63691989Considerations on the Simultaneous Behaviour of the Resonance Fluorescence and Ionization Signals vs Laser Intensity in FlamesSMITH B.w.; JONES B.t.
JRC70501989Laser Excited Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Using Graphite Tube Electrothermal Atomisation and Double-Resonance ExcitationSMITH B.w.; VERA J.a.; STEVENSON C.l.
JRC70271989Laser Induced Fluorescence and Ionization as Single Atom Detection Techniques. A Critical Evaluation of Several Practical Analytical SystemsSMITH B.w.
JRC70311989Evaluation of Three Different Laser Systems for the Determination of Lead by Laser Excited Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry with Graphite Tube AtomizersSMITH B.w.; VERA J.a.; LEONG M.b.; WOMACK B.
JRC56281988Laser Induced Fluorescence and Electrothermal Atomisation. How Far from the Intrinsic Limit of Detection?SMITH B.w.
JRC56241988Ultratrace Determination of Metals with Dithizone by Thermal Lens SpectrophotometrySMITH B.w.; RAMIS RAMOS G.; GARCIA ALVAREZ COQUE M.c.
JRC56231988Fluorescence Dip Spectroscopy of Sodium Atoms in an Inductively Coupled PlasmaSMITH B.w.