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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC291132004Environmental Impact of the Use of Natural Resources.NIELSEN P.h.; TUKKER Arnold; WEIDEMA B.p.; LAURIDSEN E.h.; NOTTEN P.; EDER Peter
JRC281632004European Network of GMO Laboratories Activity ReportSPERONI Rossella; VAN DEN EEDE Guy louis marie
JRC282462004Dynamic Characterization of a 3-D Full Scale Steel-Concrete Composite Building at ELSA.BURSI Oreste; MOLINA J.; SALVATORE Walter; TAUCER Fabio federico
JRC270042004The Certification of the Mass Concentrations of Lead and Cadmium in Reconstituted Human Blood. BCR-634, BCR-635, BCR-636.BYRIALSEN K.; KRISTIANSEN J.; CHRISTENSEN J.m.; DIRSCHERL Cyrill; GAWLIK B.; KLEIN Christophe; LAMBERTY Andre
JRC282572004The Certification of Reference Materials of Dry-Mixed Maize Powder with Different Mass Fractions of NK603 Maize Certified Reference Materials IRMM-415 (IRMM-415-0/IRMM-415-1/IRMM-415-2/IRMM-415-3/IRMM-415-4/IRMM-415-5)TRAPMANN Stefanie; CONNEELY Patrick; CORBISIER Philippe; GANCBERG David; GIORIA Sabrina; VAN NYEN M.; SCHIMMEL Heinz; EMONS H.
JRC269322004Preparation and Certification of the Porcine Reference Materials for Contents (Mass Fractions) of Chlortetracycline (CTC), BCR-695 and -696 (pig liver), BCR-697 and -698 (Pig Muscle), BCR-706 and -707 (Pig Kidney).MAC EVOY J.d.g.; JUHEL-GAUGAIN M.; VAN GINKEL L.a.; GAWLIK B.; BERNREUTHER Alexander; LINSINGER T.; LAMBERTY Andre
JRC270032004Certification of the Specific Micropore Volume and the Median Micropore Width of Two Microporous Reference Materials According to Draft-DIN 66135-4, BCR-704, BCR-705.RÖHL-KUHN B.; KLOBES P.; MEYER K.; LORENZ P.; GAWLIK B.; LAMBERTY Andre; MUNTAU H.
JRC269552004The Certification of a European Reference Plasma for Factor VIII, BCR-629.BARROWCLIFFE T.; HUBBARD A.r.; WELLER L.j.; MACNAB J.; BENNINK D.; GAWLIK B.; KLEIN Christophe; LAMBERTY Andre
JRC287472004The Method-specific Certification of the Cholesterol and Triglyceride Contents of a Pure and an Adulterated Butter Fat Reference Material.ZELENY R.; BERNREUTHER Alexander; LINSINGER T.; SCHIMMEL Heinz; SEJEROE-OLSEN B.; KRAMER Gerard nico; PAUWELS Jean
JRC270302004Certification of the Mass fractions of Crude Protein, Crude Oils and Fats, Crude Fibre, Crude Ash and Phosphorus (According to Methods Specifications Laid down in EU-Legislation) and of Copper, Calcium and Magnesium, BCR-708 (Synthetic Dairy Feed), ....NORDKVIST E.; KRAMER G.; GAWLIK B.; BERNREUTHER Alexander; LAMBERTY Andre; BENNINK D.