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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC851592013The certification of different mass fractions of the GM event 73496 in rapeseed powder: Certified Reference Materials ERM®-BF434a, ERM®-BF434b, ERM®-BF434c, ERM®-BF434d and ERM®-BF434eDIMITRIEVSKA BLAGICA; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; CONTRERAS LOPEZ Maria Concepcion; CHAROUD-GOT Jean; CONNEELY Patrick; EMTEBORG HAKAN; CORBISIER Philippe; TRAPMANN Stefanie
JRC709652013Oligonucleotide batch quality has a limited impact on quantitative real-time PCRJEYNOV Boyan; MEYER Wibke; MERVEILLIE An; TRAPMANN Stefanie; CORBISIER Philippe; EMONS Hendrik
JRC669372013Kernel Lot Distribution Assessment (KeLDA): a Comparative Study of Protein and DNA-Based Detection Methods for GMO TestingMAZZARA Marco; PAOLETTI Claudia; CORBISIER Philippe; GRAZIOLI Emanuele; LARCHER Sara; BERBEN Gilbert; DE LOOSE Marc; FOLCH Imma; HENRY Christine; HESS Norbert; HOUGS Lotte; JANSSEN Eric; MORAN Gillian; ONORI Roberta; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC742952013European technical guidance document for the flexible scope accreditation of laboratories quantifying GMOsTRAPMANN Stefanie; CHARLES DELOBEL C.; CORBISIER Philippe; EMONS Hendrik; HOUGS Liselotte; PHILIPP Patrick; SANDBERG Martin; SCHULZE Manuela
JRC723512012The certification of different mass fractions of DAS-40278-9 in maize seed powder: ERM®-BF433a,ERM®-BF433b, ERM®-BF433c and ERM®-BF433dDIMITRIEVSKA BLAGICA; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; CORBISIER Philippe; CONTRERAS LOPEZ Maria Concepcion; SEGHERS JOHN; TRAPMANN Stefanie
JRC691992012The certification of the copy number concentration of solutions of plasmid DNA containing a BCR-ABL b3a2 transcript fragment: ERM-AD623a, ERM-AD623b, ERM-AD623c, ERM-AD623d, ERM-AD623e, ERM-AD623fDEPREZ LIESBET; MAZOUA Stephane; CORBISIER Philippe; TRAPMANN Stefanie; SCHIMMEL Heinz; WHITE Helen; CROSS Nicholas; EMONS Hendrik
JRC703372012The certification of different mass fractions of AV43-6-G7 in potato tuber powder: ERM®-BF431a, ERM®-BF431b, ERM®-BF431c, ERM®-BF431d and ERM®-BF431eTRAPMANN Stefanie; CONNEELY Patrick; CORBISIER Philippe; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; MAZOUA Stephane; SEGHERS JOHN
JRC709672012The impact of analytical quality criteria and data evaluation on the quantification of genetically modified organismsMEYER Wibke; CAPRIOARA-BUDA Mihaela; JEYNOV Boyan; CORBISIER Philippe; TRAPMANN Stefanie; EMONS Hendrik
JRC678272012The Certification of Different Mass Fractions of DAS-68416-4 in Soya Seed Powder: ERM®-BF432a, ERM®-BF432b, ERM®-BF432c and ERM®-BF432dTRAPMANN Stefanie; CORBISIER Philippe; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; MAZOUA Stephane; SEGHERS JOHN; SIMONET JULIEN
JRC631512011Certification of Plasmid DNA containing 98140 Maize DNA Fragments - Certified Reference Material ERM®-AD427CAPRIOARA MIHAELA; CORBISIER Philippe; GANCBERG David; BROEDERS Sylvia; TRAPMANN Stefanie; MAZOUA Stephane; MATAYRON Gilles; EMONS Hendrik