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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC470972008Characterization of Pan-Mediterranean Riparian Areas by Remote Sensing Derived Phenological IndicesIVITS-WASSER Eva; CHERLET Michael; SOMMER Stefan; MEHL Wolfgang
JRC461832008Common Bio-physical Criteria to Define Natural Constraints for Agriculture in EuropeELIASSON Ase; VAN ORSHOVEN Jos; TERRES JEAN
JRC432602008EU Forest-Based Biomass for Energy: Cost/Supply Relations and ConstraintsSZABO Marta; EDWARDS ROBERT
JRC472772008Inventory of Existing Studies Applying Life Cycle Thinking to Biowaste ManagementKRUTWAGEN Bart; KORTMAN Jaap; VERBIST Koen; BERSANI Raffaella; PANT Rana; PENNINGTON David
JRC445862008Raising Private Sector R&D in the New Member States: Does it help their economies catching up?VOIGT Peter; BRANDSMA ANDRIES
JRC414962008Active Ageing and Independent Living Services: The Role of Information and Communication TechnologyMALANOWSKI Norbert; OZCIVELEK Rukiye; CABRERA GIRALDEZ MARCELINO
JRC370462008Adoption and Impact of the First GM Crop Introduced in EU Agriculture: Bt Maize in SpainGOMEZ BARBERO MANUEL; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO
JRC402212008Prospective Study of the World Aluminium IndustryLUO ZHENG; SORIA RAMIREZ ANTONIO
JRC445242008ERAWATCH Analytical Country Report 2007: GermanyGRABLOWITZ Alexander; NILL JAN CHRISTOPH
JRC433112008Risk Informed Support of Decision Making in Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Zoning - Generic Framework towards Harmonising NPP Emergency Planning PracticesKUBANYI JOZEF; BOLADO LAVIN RICARDO; SERBANESCU DAN; TOTH BELA; WILKENING HEINZ