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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC369702007Collection and Evaluation of (Q)SAR Models for Mutagenicity and CarcinogenicityNETZEVA TATIANA; WORTH ANDREW; BENIGNI Romualdo; BOSSA Cecilia
JRC375492007Verification of Performance of Ms8 and Rf3 Event-Specific Methods on the Hybrid Ms8xRf3 Using Real-time PCR - Validation Report and ProtocolMAZZARA MARCO; GRAZIOLI EMANUELE; SAVINI CRISTIAN; VAN DEN EEDE GUY
JRC430642007European Union Risk Assessmnet Report - Part I - Environment - NitrobenzenePAKALIN SAZAN; MUNN Sharon; ASCHBERGER KARIN; COSGROVE ORNA; PAYA PEREZ ANA; VEGRO STEFANIA
JRC407592007ICT, Social Capital and Cultural Diversity: Report on a Joint DG JRC/IPTS-DG INFSO Workshop held in Istanbul (Turkey), 25 April 2007CACHIA Romina; KLUZER STEFANO; CABRERA GIRALDEZ MARCELINO; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA ISABEL CLARA; PUNIE YVES
JRC363212007Inception Report for CARDS 2004 - Croatia Project entitled: Development of National Metrology, Standardisation, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation SystemPOPOSKI NIKOLA; TODOROVA ANI; TAYLOR PHILIP; MAJCEN NINETA
JRC416792007Certification of the Deuterium-to-Hydrogen (D/H) Ratio in a 1,1,3,3 - tetramethylurea Master Batch, Certified Reference Material IRMM-425ZELENY REINHARD; EMTEBORG HAKAN; ULBERTH FRANZ
JRC423622007Validation of an Analytical Method to Determine the Content of Sucralose in Beverages - Report on a Method Validation by Collaborative Study Determination of Sucralose in Beverages by Thin Layer Chromatography in Combination with Reagent-free Derivatisation and Ultraviolet/Fluorescence DetectionDONCHEVA TSANEVA IVANKA; STROKA JOERG
JRC382172007Metrology in Albania, CARDS 2003 Programme, Final reportMAJCEN NINETA; TAYLOR PHILIP; BULSKA EWA; TODOROVA ANI
JRC402682007Evaluation of EC Measurement Comparison on Simulated Airborne Particulates - 137Cs in Air FiltersWAETJEN UWE; SZANTO Zsuzsanna; ALTZITZOGLOU TIMOTHEOS; SIBBENS GOEDELE; KEIGHTLEY John; VAN AMMEL RAF; HULT MIKAEL; DE CORT MARC
JRC374092007Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives Authorisation: Annual Report 2006VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; SIMONE GIUSEPPE; GARALEVICIENE DALIA; LEUSCHNER RENATA; YASAR Sulhattin; STAES SEPPE; DE SMET MACHTELD