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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC428392007Farm-level Determinants of Conversion to Sustainable Farming Practices In the New Members StatesCRISTOIU ADRIANA
JRC369572007RFID Technologies: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Policy OptionsGROSSI Luigi; SPINELLI Graziella; HELMUS Sandra; KOOL Linda; PENNINGS Leo; STAP Roel; VEUGEN Thijs; VAN DER WAAIJ Bram; BOREAN Claudio; MAGHIROS IOANNIS; ROTTER Pawel; VAN LIESHOUT Marc
JRC374562007Assessment of the Environmental Advantages and Drawbacks of Existing and Emerging Polymers Recovery ProcessesDELGADO Clara; BARRUETABEÑA Leire; SALAS Oscar; WOLF OLIVER
JRC371162007Implementation of REACH in the New Member States. Part one: Overview of the Chemical and Speciality Chemical Sector in the New Member StatesANGERER Gerhard; SARTORIUS Christian; NORDBECK Ralf; WOLF OLIVER; DELGADO SANCHO LUIS; LUO ZHENG
JRC361472007From the Need of "Equity" To the Evidence of "Difference"; Contributions of Gender Perspectives to the Governance of the EnvironmentAGUERA CABO Mercedes
JRC381952007Certification of the Mass Fraction of Aflatoxin B1 in Acetonitrile (ERM-AC057), Aflatoxin B2 in Acetonitrile (ERM-AC058), Aflatoxin G1 in Actonitrile (ERM-AC059) and Aflatoxin G2 in Acetonitrile (ERM-AC060)BUTTINGER GERHARD; JOSEPHS Ralf; HARBECK STEFAN
JRC372242007Good Practice for Delivering Flood-Related Information to the General PublicMARTINI Frederique; DE ROO ARIE
JRC374102007Contribution of Natural Sources to Air Pollution Levels in the EU - A Technical Basis for the Development of Guidance for the Member StatesMARELLI LUISA
JRC360602007COAL OF THE FUTURE (Supply Prospects for Thermal Coal by 2030-2050)KAVALOV BOYAN
JRC421862007Impact of Ozone-initiated Terpene Chemistry on Indoor Air Quality and Human HealthKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOS; KOISTINEN KIMMO; CARSLAW Nicola; CARRER Paolo; FOSSATI Serena; HOFFMANN Thorsten; LANGER Sarka; LARSEN BO; MONN Christian; NICOLAS Melanie; SALTHAMMER Tunga; SCHLITT Christian; WINTERHALTER Richard; WOLKOFF Peder