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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC841212013Event-Specific Method for the Quantitation of Sugar beet line H7-1 Using Real-time PCR - Validation Report and Validated Method - v. 1.01MAZZARA Marco; FOTI Nicoletta; SAVINI Cristian; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC677392013Combinatory SYBR® Green Real-Time PCR Screening Approach for Tracing Materials Derived from Genetically Modified RiceKLUGA L.; FOLLONI Silvia; KAGKLI DAFNI; BOGNI Alessia; FOTI Nicoletta; SAVINI Cristian; MAZZARA Marco; VAN DEN EEDE Guy; VAN DEN BULCKE MARC
JRC669382013Testing the Robustness of Validated Methods for Quantitative Detection of GMOs Across qPCR InstrumentsLUQUE PEREZ Encarnacion; MAZZARA Marco; WEBER Thomas, P.; FOTI Nicoletta; GRAZIOLI Emanuele; MUNARO Barbara; PINSKI Gregor; BELLOCCHI Gianni; VAN DEN EEDE Guy; SAVINI Cristian
JRC841342013Event-Specific Method for the Quantification of Maize Line MIR604 Using Real-Time PCR - Validation Report and Validated Method - Maize Seeds Sampling and DNA Extraction - v. 1.01MAZZARA Marco; SAVINI Cristian; MUNARO Barbara; FOTI Nicoletta; VAN DEN EEDE Guy
JRC566102009Event-specific Method for the Detection of Dried-killed Bacterial Biomass PT73 (TM) Derived from E. coli GM Strain AG3139 Using Real-time PCRMAZZARA Marco; FOTI Nicoletta; SAVINI Cristian; BONFINI Laura; VAN DEN EEDE Guy