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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC709652013Oligonucleotide batch quality has a limited impact on quantitative real-time PCRJEYNOV Boyan; MEYER Wibke; MERVEILLIE An; TRAPMANN Stefanie; CORBISIER Philippe; EMONS Hendrik
JRC709672012The impact of analytical quality criteria and data evaluation on the quantification of genetically modified organismsMEYER Wibke; CAPRIOARA-BUDA Mihaela; JEYNOV Boyan; CORBISIER Philippe; TRAPMANN Stefanie; EMONS Hendrik
JRC628252011Certification of a Maize NK603 Reference Material for its DNA Copy Number Ratio - Certified Reference Material ERM®-BF415eDE ANDRADE SILVA Eugenia; JEYNOV Boyan; CORBISIER Philippe; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; TRAPMANN Stefanie; VINCENT Sandra; EMONS Hendrik
JRC628202011Certification of Plasmid DNA containing NK603 Maize DNA Fragments - Certified Reference Material ERM®-AD415JEYNOV Boyan; DE ANDRADE SILVA Eugenia; BROOTHAERTS Wim; CORBISIER Philippe; MAZOUA Stephane; MERVEILLIE An; TRAPMANN Stefanie; EMONS Hendrik
JRC560562009Certification of Reference Materials of Cotton Seed Powder with Different Mass Fractions of the Cotton Event GHB119 - Certified Reference Materials ERM®BF428 (ERM®-BF428a, ERM®-BF428b, ERM®-BF428c)TRAPMANN Stefanie; CHAROUD-GOT Jean; CORBISIER Philippe; JEYNOV Boyan; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; MATAYRON Gilles; MERVEILLIE An; VINCENT Sandra
JRC540662009Certification of Reference Materials of Maize Seed Powder containing Genetically Modified MON 810 Maize: Certified Reference Materials ERM®-BF413k (ERM®-BF413ak, ERM®-BF413ck, ERM®-BF413ek, ERM®-BF413gk)BROOTHAERTS Wim; CONTRERAS LOPEZ Maria Concepcion; CORBISIER Philippe; JEYNOV Boyan; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; MATAYRON Gilles; MAZOUA Stephane; MERVEILLIE An; TUMBA-TSHILUMBA Marie-France; TRAPMANN Stefanie