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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC565172009The FRA 2010 Remote Sensing Survey - An Outline of Objectives, Data, Methods and ApproachRIDDER Ralph; GERRAND Adam; LINDQUIST Eriik; WILKIE Mette; D'ANNUNZIO Remi; ACHARD Frederic; BEUCHLE Rene'; BODART Catherine; BRINK Andreas; EVA Hugh; KISSIYAR Ouns; MAYAUX Philippe; RASI Rastislav; STIBIG Hans-Jurgen; VOLLMAR MICHAEL; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; KEMPENEERS Pieter; SEDANO FERNANDO; SEEBACH LUCIA; STROBL Peter; VOGT Peter
JRC486242009Requirements for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) at a Nuclear Research ReactorSAUERWEIN Wolfgang; MOSS Raymond
JRC368072007Sustainability of the Farming Systems: Global Issues, Modelling Approaches and Policy ImplicationsCRISTOIU ADRIANA; RATINGER TOMAS; GOMEZ Y PALOMA SERGIO
JRC338162006Assessment of Available Models for Studying the Coupling of Atmospheric Inputs on BiotaDACHS Jordi; JURADO Elena; BERROJALBIZ Naiara; LACORTE Silvia; MARINOV Dimitar; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'
JRC310662005Successful Examples of Efficient LightingBERTOLDI PAOLO; GIUGUDEANU Calin
JRC686362005Una propuesta para la definición de los límites geográficos de la Amazonía (A Proposal for defining the geographical boundaries of Amazonia )EVA Hugh; HUBER Otto
JRC686352005A Proposal for defining the geographical boundaries of AmazoniaEVA Hugh; HUBER Otto
JRC686342005Proposição para definição dos limites geográficos da Amazónia - (A Proposal for defining the geographical boundaries of Amazonia )EVA Hugh; HUBER Otto
JRC344472005ESARDA 27th Annual Meeting - London 10-12 May 2005BRIL LOUIS-VICTOR
JRC1211592003ESARDA 25th Annual Meeting - Symposium on safeguards and nuclear materials management - ProceedingsBRIL LOUIS-VICTOR; DE LUCA ANDREA