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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1086702018Sugars content in selected foods in the EU: a 2015 baseline to monitor sugars reduction progressROBINSON MARGUERITE; LOURO CALDEIRA SANDRA; WOLLGAST JAN
JRC1128092018Recommendations and guidelines to foster sustainable designDOS SANTOS GERVASIO HELENA
JRC1123412018Introducing a new standardized nanomaterial environmental toxicity screening testing procedure, ISO TS/20787: aquatic toxicity assessment of manufactured nanomaterials in saltwater lakes using Artemia sp. naupliiJOHARI SEYED ALI; RASMUSSEN KIRSTEN; GULUMIAN MARY; GHAZI-KHANSARI MAHMOUD; TETARAZAKO NORIHISA; KASHIWADA SHOSAKU; ASGHARI SABA; PARK JUN WOO; YU IL JE
JRC1122872018Preparation and certification of the uranium nitrate solution reference materials series IRMM-2019 to IRMM-2029 for the isotopic compositionRICHTER STEPHAN; VENCHIARUTTI CELIA; HENNESSY CARMEL; JAKOBSSON ULF; BUJAK RENATA; TRUYENS JAN; AREGBE YETUNDE
JRC1086452018Enhancing connectivity in agroecosystems: focus on the best existing corridors or on new pathways?DONDINA OLIVIA; SAURA MARTINEZ DE TODA SANTIAGO; LUCIANO BANI; MATEO-SANCHEZ M.C.
JRC1120832018New formula and conversion factor to compute basic wood density of tree species using a global wood technology databaseVIEILLEDENT GHISLAIN; FISCHER FABIAN JÖRG; CHAVE JEROME; GUIBAL DANIEL; LANGBOUR PATRICK; GÉRARD JEAN
JRC883552014Mapping the cost of electricity from grid-connected and off-grid PV systems in AfricaHULD THOMAS; JAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF; SZABO SANDOR
JRC1115742018Cross-border circulation of films and cultural diversity in the EUALAVERAS GEORGIOS; GOMEZ HERRERA MARIA ESTRELLA; MARTENS BERTIN
JRC1105412018Openness and Impact of Leading Scientific CountriesWAGNER CAROLINE; WHETSELL TRAVIS; BAAS JEROEN; JONKERS KOEN
JRC1084962018Potential of Power-to-Methane in the EU energy transition to a low carbon system using cost optimizationBLANCO REANO HERIB; NIJS WOUTER; RUF JOHANNES; FAAIJ ANDRE