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dc.description.abstractSeveral pieces of EU legislation regulate the marketing and use of chemical substances. While several regulations, including the regulations on Plant Protection Products (PPPR), Biocidal Products (BPR) and Chemicals (REACH), include provisions for endocrine disrupting substances (EDs), objective scientific criteria are lacking. In order to evaluate the potential health, socio-economic and environmental impacts of applying four different options for criteria defining EDs across these pieces of legislation, the Commission initiated an Impact Assessment (IA). This IA has been supported by two studies, focusing on (a) selection of substances for the IA and the screening of their potential for identification as EDs according to different options for defining criteria for identification of endocrine disruptors and (b) the potential impacts of various policy options on health, environment, trade, agriculture and socio-economy. This report describes a screening methodology that has been developed by the JRC to support the first study which has assessed all pesticide and biocide active ingredients and a selection of substances falling under REACH, the Cosmetic Products Regulation and the Water Framework Directive. This screening methodology is not intended to replace an in-depth risk assessment process, and the results obtained are not intended to pre-empt regulatory conclusions that may eventually be made under different pieces of EU legislation.en_GB
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dc.titleScreening methodology to identify potential endocrine disruptors according to different options in the context of an impact assessmenten_GB
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