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dc.description.abstractThe European Settlement Map (ESM) is the first European Map of built-up which was published in July 2014. A new version of this information layer has been produced recently (15th April 2016) offering more detailed information (higher resolution) and improvement of green components. The technology used to produce both ESM products is based on the Global Human Settlement Layer 2013 (GHSL) methodology, which has been adapted and tuned on the Copernicus core 003 dataset. The ESM products have been financed by the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO) in the frame of the URBA project [WPK Id 1193]. The urban green component is an added value of the project. This information exploits the spectral characteristics of the Core 003 dataset. In early prototypes of the ESM a modified NDVI index has been used as one of the main image-derived information for estimation of the built-up area. The produced built-up layer has been complemented with residual vegetation information. In the ESM community this complementary information arouse interest in spite of its limitations. The high resolution of these information enables a variety of urban applications at urban scale. In the response to the growing interest in urban green within community, the new version of the ESM proposes an improved green component. This report describes how this green component has been produced.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.E.1-Disaster Risk Managementen_GB
dc.publisherPublications Office of the European Unionen_GB
dc.titleThe ESM green components: A dedicated focus on the production of the green in the European Settlement Map’s workflowen_GB
dc.typeEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reportsen_GB
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