Title: Fission cross-sections, prompt fission neutron and γ-ray emission in request for nuclear applications
Citation: EPJ Web of Conferences vol. 122 p. 01005
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Publication Year: 2016
JRC N°: JRC103386
ISSN: 2100 014X
URI: http://www.epj-conferences.org/articles/epjconf/abs/2016/17/epjconf_cnr2016_01005/epjconf_cnr2016_01005.html
DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/201612201005
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: In recent years JRC-IRMM has been investigating fission cross-sections of 240,242Pu in the fast-neutron energy range relevant for innovative reactor systems and requested in the High Priority Request List (HPRL) of the OECD/Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). In addition to that, prompt neutron multiplicities are being investigated for the major isotopes 235U, 239Pu in the neutron-resonance region using a newly developed scintillation detector array (SCINTIA) and an innovative modification of the Frisch-grid ionisation chamber for fission-fragment detection. These data are highly relevant for improved neutron data evaluation and requested by the OECD/Working Party on Evaluation Cooperation (WPEC). Thirdly, also prompt fission γ-ray emission is investigated using highly efficient lanthanide-halide detectors with superior timing resolution. Again, those data are requested in the HPRL for major actinides to solve open questions on an under-prediction of decay heat in nuclear reactors. The information on prompt fission neutron and γ-ray emission is crucial for benchmarking nuclear models to study the de-excitation process of neutron-rich fission fragments. Information on γ-ray emission probabilities is also useful in decommissioning exercises on damaged nuclear power plants like Fukushima Daiichi to which JRC-IRMM is contributing. The results on the 240,242Pu fission cross section, 235U prompt neutron multiplicity in the resonance region and correlations with fission fragments and prompt γ-ray emission for several isotopes will be presented and put into perspective.
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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