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dc.contributor.authorVERNACCINI LUCAen_GB
dc.contributor.authorMARIN FERRER MONTSERRATen_GB
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dc.contributor.authorDE GROEVE TOMen_GB
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dc.description.abstractThe Index for Risk Management - INFORM - is a composite indicator that identifies countries at risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster that would overwhelm national response capacity. It provides an open, transparent, consensus-based methodology for analysing crisis risk at global, regional or national level. The INFORM model is based on risk concepts published in scientific literature and envisages three dimensions of risk: Hazards & exposure, Vulnerability, and Lack of coping capacity. The INFORM model is split into different levels to provide a quick overview of the underlying factors leading to humanitarian risk and builds up the picture of risk by more than 50 core indicators. Any changes in the INFORM methodology are always applied to at least the five previous years of data to preserve the consistency of the trend analysis. The results of INFORM can support decisions about crisis and disaster prevention, preparedness and response, as well as strategies that build resilience. For example, INFORM can be used to: help develop priorities for risk management, preparedness and building resilience; support decisions about resource allocation; and to monitor risk trends over time.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.E.1-Disaster Risk Managementen_GB
dc.publisherEuropean Commissionen_GB
dc.titleIndex for Risk Management - INFORMen_GB
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