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dc.description.abstractThe revised Commission Decision (EU) 2017/848 requires EU Member States to establish threshold values (TVs) for criteria of Descriptor 10 on marine litter. TVs which are now mandatory through the new provisions, are intended to contribute to MS determination of a set of characteristics for GES and enable their assessment of the extent to which GES is being achieved. The MSFD Technical Group on Marine Litter (TG-ML) has been mandated, through the MSFD 2016-2019 work program of the Common Implementation Strategy, to develop approaches for setting of TVs and to work towards agreed TVs. This documents sets out the scope of setting TVs for marine litter criteria, explores on general concepts of threshold setting and how those concepts can be translated to address the various hazardous effects of marine litter and evaluates potential options for setting TVs and which of them might be suitable to be applied to marine litter. While thresholds for ML criteria may follow the same basic concepts, they may each require specific approaches and need to be discussed separately. Therefore basic thoughts and questions are raised in order to be further discussed when working on the actual definition of TVs for litter in the different marine compartments and for marine litter impacts. Finally concluding recommendations for marine litter threshold setting are proposed.en_GB
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dc.titleThreshold Values for Marine Litter: General discussion paper on defining threshold values for marine litteren_GB
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